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A company specializing in international sea and air logistics. Since its inception, the company has been specialized in the international logistics industry, and formed a complete set of shipping, air transport, customs declaration, customs clearance, distribution one-stop logistics system.
Thetis Logistics is a company specializing in AMAZON FBA warehouses and head-trip transportation services for overseas Chinese warehouses.......
Thetis Logistics can provide sea, air, land, bulk ships, ro / ro ships, special cabinets, dangerous goods and other services. It covers all markets around the world, and we can provide trailer and customs declaration services for major ports and airports. At the same time, we also provide services on MSDS, cargo transportation appraisal report, insurance, certificate of origin. Including warehouse storage, loading and unloading, reinforcement services. We focus on flexibility, efficiency and commitment to every customer's needs. Customers can consult Jinshanhai about any logistics issues, including details of dangerous goods shipments, miscellaneous ships, ro / ro shipments, market changes of sea rates, air rates and land rates in each market.

Thetis Logistics also provides FBA first-journey service, and the cooperaative warehouses with hundreds of networks in the destination port provide services such as distribution, warehouse storage and warehouse transfer for customers of different volumes. Deliver the goods to the Amazon warehouse designated by the customer in accordance with the requirements of Amazon, provide a complete set of service solutions for cross-border e-commerce customers, such as shipping, air transportation, railway and so on, for no agency or their own company abroad to pay customs duties as importers.

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